Chris Ross

By: Michelle Salyer

47, Rockledge. Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay. Mother of  A’aya 23, and daughter-in-law Quierra, 22; grandmother of A’amari, 1 yr.

Chris Ross’ son, A’aya, may be a grown man with a successful military career and a family of his own, but Ross is still determined to set a good example for him, as her late mother, Betty J. Ross, did for her.

Within three years of joining Mary Kay, Ross has become an Independent Sales Director driving a free Chevy Equinox. By December 2012, she plans to trade in the Chevy for a pink Mary Kay Cadillac.“I want my son to understand, if you want any-thing in this world, you have to work, you have to have goals,” explained Ross. “I want to leave some-thing for him, for my grandson, for my daughter-in-law… Just in case anything happens to me, I want him to say, ‘My mother was a hard worker, she set goals and she accomplished those goals.’ I want him to be the same way because that’s how my mother raised me, my sisters and brothers.”Ross recalled, “My mother would always tell us, ‘If you can get up in the morning and get dressed for the man, just imagine getting up and getting dressed in the morning for you.’ Now, I get dressed for me. It only works because I work.”