Week after week the weatherman may call for sunny skies, its why many of us chose Florida to call home. Although we can happily put away our umbrellas, most of our plants are wishing we could leave out the galoshes. Fortunately, some plants enjoy the Florida weather right along with the rest of us.

1. Mexican Petunia:These vibrant blooms are also known as “purple showers” and are one of the most popular perennials used in the sunshine state for its year-round color.

2. Beach Sunflower: A mini version of its taller look alike, the Beach Sunflower make for a great groundcover, attracts butterflies, and is great for areas where other plants just wont grow.

3. Vinca: This Pansy look alike comes in a variety of colors from white to purple. And although they are annuals, they are so durable that they come back for years.

4. Cuban Buttercup: Another butterfly attracter, this buttercup won’t let you down. The Cuban Buttercup is heat tolerant and durable, and can provide color through spring, summer and fall.

5. Purple Queen: Purple Queen is used by many cities in medians due to its durability in hot dry areas. This dark purple plant stands out against green and yellows.

6. Plumbago: Plumbago grows 4-6 feet tall and will climb fences for year-round cover. The blooms look like mini wild hydrangeas making for a great cottage look.

7. Sedum: Sedum is a moss like ground cover that is perfect against a border, or near garden rocks and boulders.

8. Dwarf Allamanda: Dwarf Allamanda only grows 2-3 inches tall, making it great around a pathway, especially with its interesting yellow blooms.