West Melbourne Mayor Hal Rose & His Work With Promise in Brevard

When do we ever have the chance to say someone is outstanding in his field, and mean it both figuratively and literally? Mayor Hal Rose of West Melbourne affords us that rare opportunity.

As we assembled this issue dedicated to those who give back, the mayor’s name came up often. Not for the checks he writes, but for his instrumental role in facilitating much of the change that has come to West Melbourne over the past few years. The City Council has certainly played a key part as well, as Mayor Rose says that West Melbourne “has a soft spot for those who need not a handout, but a hand up.” One look around the nationally-recognized Field of Dreams — a sports complex for people with special needs -— is positive proof. Another project soon to break ground adjacent to the complex is a bakery and shop to employ those with special needs. These jobs will help the employees afford their own place a couple of miles down the street at a new assisted living facility being built now. 

“We can’t write a check for thousands of dollars to these projects, but we can help by cutting their grass, or adding a sewer line or street curbing in just the right place to facilitate access or parking,” the mayor explained. There’s that word again. Facilitate. “Those services are relatively easy for the town to provide, and they keep Field of Dreams from spending their funding on maintenance, for example.” He says they can adapt a plan for a water main, shift it a few yards and help keep engineering and construction costs down on the new bake shop. The same can happen with street layout. It’s a synergy that Mayor Rose is happy to explore whenever possible.

Another synergy is developing with the Florida Institute of Technology. F.I.T. will provide resident assistants (RAs) to the new assisted living facility. The RAs will be supplementing their education in various disciplines with real world experience helping those with life challenges to succeed in living on their own, or at least with decreasing assistance. The 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments will house adults with varied challenges. The RAs will oversee and provide assistance as necessary. The F.I.T. students graduate with experience in their field, the residents prosper, and the community benefits.

To Mayor Rose, these aren’t separate projects, really. These are all parts of the whole in creating an atmosphere for acceptance and success in his city. Millions of dollars are being spent here, mostly from federal funding, some from the state, and some raised locally. In the future, after these current parks, shops and residences are completed, service industries will come to support the new residents and bring jobs. These are the types of seeds needed for long term growth and prosperity, and they are seeds that Mayor Rose was happy to help plant. One has grown quickly, one has sprouted, and one is about to break ground, and he’ll be there to watch them along the way.

Perfectly appropriate for a man outstanding in his field. Figuratively and literally.

Promise In Brevard
3040 W New Haven Ave., West Melbourne