Twenty-six-year-old Mitchell Hall exited season six of Lifetime’s “Project Runway” in the third week, but not before the Savannah College of Art & Design alum made his mark on the program… and let the world know thathe is a Brevardian.

The personable Hall, whose family still lives in this area, is creative director at the everso-fashionable Bleubelle Bridal Boutique in Savannah, which specializes in nuptial garb by Vera Wang, Caroline Herrera, Priscilla of Boston and other designers-to-the-stars.

Following his television debut, the Eau Gallie High School graduate styled a well-received “fantasy wedding” at chichi Jekyll Island.

Hall, an art enthusiast who also considered taking up creative writing, says he started his career by designing dresses for dolls as a child, called Project Runway “a wonderful experience.” So, apparently, is Savannah, where the low-key Hall recently bought a traditional home and is furnishing it, not surprisingly, in style.