We’ve been around the horn since May’s issue. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and now our Summer Weddings issue. But it really all starts with the bride. Those of us who have been through a wedding know it is really all about the bride. That’s as it should be. A woman is never more radiant than on that day, but she might not be at her best. The stress surrounding the culmination of all that planning is incredible. Family, travel, awkward relationships, friends not seen in years, the ceremony, the celebration after. Did the cake arrive? Where’s that photographer? What time does our plane leave?

We set out this month to help with that. The key to a less stressful day is indeed in the planning, so be sure to get professionals’ help. You’ll likely only do this 1.2 times in your lifetime. (The average number of times a person marries is a tough statistic to nail down since you’re either married or not, so that 1.2 just implies there is a one in five chance you’ll remarry for some reason). In this issue you’ll find great resources to make your wedding less stressful. Take Z Create for example. Who knew one company could handle so many of the little details to make everything come together so perfectly? If you haven’t picked out where your ceremony is going to be held, read Shawna Kelsch’s article on page 43. Brevard is much more than beach weddings, though that is a great idea as well. We’ve also got ideas in this issue on the dress, the music, the imagery and even the rehearsal dinner. We’ve even included listings for these services to make the process go a little easier for you. Remember, stress shows, and you want to look your best on your wedding day. A little more planning now really helps later. Or better yet, hire professionals and relax…and keep this issue around in case you want to share later with a friend how you had such a perfect wedding.

And could you please have someone tie cans on the back of your car? Not enough couples do that anymore and I really like it. Tell them I asked, and then tell your friends you got the idea here. Thanks!

Steve Hicks, Senior Editor