I’m still the new guy around here. Most of you have been reading SCL longer than I’ve been involved with it. I really enjoy working with the month-to-month themes the magazine takes; Mother’s Day, then Men We Admire. The Model Search issue, then the Wedding issue. Our Pets issue, then The Arts. As senior editor, I sometimes try to tie them together a bit, like how the wonderful paintings of pets in our August pets issue led us into the arts issue in September. This month we have a very natural progression, with October’s Cancer Survivors’ issue to this month’s Giving Back edition. Last month, some of the local support organizations were highlighted, and now we recognize individuals who’ve worked tirelessly to support those organizations and others not yet
so prominent.

We are truly blessed by the breadth of services available to us all when needed, and for those who work to keep them funded and running. If this month’s stories encourage you to get involved at a higher level, that’s great. Or maybe you’ll  just consider contributing to one that calls to your heart. That’s equally
as appreciated.

In Charlotte and Tom Wienckoski’s profile, you’ll read that their son, who “was probably about 10 years old at the time,” had a hand in getting sleeping bags to a couple of homeless people on that cold Florida evening years ago. When our children grow up in an environment of giving like this, they accept it as normal and likely become giving adults themselves. For as proud as Charlotte and Tom are of this event they’ve grown, they are also quite the proud parents to see their children giving back within their communities as well, possibly the single greatest reward for their work.