The Big Apple

By Cassandra Wilkerson

There is something for everybody in busy New York City. I often get so caught up in planning a memorable and exciting vacation that I forget what makes a vacation memorable and exciting. Exploration, adventure and creativity called me to New York. 


I started by figuring out what inspired my trip in […]

Back to the Bayard House

By Steven Hicks

My wife, Dina, and I moved to Florida from Delaware about eight years ago. We were married 10 years ago at a little inn at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. The Bayard House in Chesapeake City, Maryland, was built by Samuel Bayard around 1780. It served under many names and for other […]

Life is an Adventure

By Lori Reader

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, usually about diet, exercise, outlooks on life, being a better person, parenting, or our careers. One of mine in 2017 was to make sure I visited at least one new country per year, since I had already hit most of the hot spots of the United […]

Top 4 Honeymoon Spots This Year

With Amy Ziesel

Not sure where to go on your next vacation? Not to worry. Planning a trip just got a whole lot easier thanks to travel expert and owner of Coral Reef Travel, Amy Ziesel. Whether you’re a couple ready to tie the knot and anxious to plan the honeymoon, or you’re simply in need […]

The Land of Endless Hummus and Falafel | Israel

By Alyssa Anelli

My boyfriend, Michael Lieberman and I recently flew in to Tel Aviv and had an hour drive to Jerusalem. My first thought when I arrived was, “Wow, this is not what I expected.” I was expecting only desert, and here I was looking at this beautiful land of green mountains! Our first night, […]

Philadelphia | Travel

By Kathryn Varnes

Philadelphia really is the “City of Brotherly Love.”  On a recent visit, I was struck by the genuine friendliness of the people, Uber drivers, hotel employees, historic area workers and people on the street. My husband even witnessed citizens dash into the road and in front of oncoming traffic to shield a Yorkie that, […]

Alpine Country | Switzerland

By Kathryn Varnes

Switzerland is a beautiful alpine country snuggled around France, Germany and Italy. Hence, it is an ethnically diverse country, and you will hear four or more languages spoken there (English is the primary language of Geneva and Zurich) depending on which part of the country you may be located.

We flew into Zurich and […]

Living Outdoors in Brevard

Local Residents Share How They Enjoy the Outdoors
Welcome to LIVING outdoors! We thought we’d share with you a few people who take full advantage of what Brevard offers outdoors. Some are athletes, some just enjoy the good life outside, but all represent some activity you can likely try, even if you don’t become an expert […]

Spain: History, Culture & Amazing Food

By Kathryn Varnes
We took our most recent trip late last spring, which is a wonderful time to go, as summers are very hot and there are lots of tourists.  We began our trip in Madrid, one of our very favorite cities, and stayed at an historic hotel in the city center.
The heartbeat of Madrid is […]

Travel: Welcome to Japan

Yokoso Nihon e
Translation: Welcome to Japan
Story and Photography by Tanya Mutton, Art Director – SpaceCoast LIVING
Japan: a bustling vibrant island with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks, thousands of shrines and temples and, of course, exotic foods. I just returned from my second visit with my husband and it was just as exciting as […]

Travel: Shades of Green in Ireland

By Kathryn Varnes
Ireland is my favorite country. The people are amazingly friendly, spirited and they love Americans.
It is almost a cliché, but the Emerald Isle really is a patchwork of every shade of green – and then some – and each village or city has its own charming identity. Most visits begin in Dublin, as […]

STAYCATION | The Inn at Cocoa Beach

By Mallorie Ingram
Photography by Tanya Mutton
Perfect getaway found within this hidden beachside gem
Searching for a relaxing spot to wind down for a weekend away? It’s easier than you might think. Peace, tranquility and an ambiance that sets it apart from the rest is exactly what you’ll find at The Inn at Cocoa Beach. This oceanfront […]

upFront | The Best Thing About September

By Ryan Randall
For many, September is a cherished time, not because of the change in the weather or leaves (especially if you live in Florida). No, the month is looked forward to by so many because it marks the start of the college football season and the things that come with it.
Things such as tailgating.
For […]

USSSA Comes to Brevard

By: Ryan Randall 
Brevard County’s Space Coast Stadium had been hosting professional baseball games since 1994, but when the Washington Nationals announced the team was moving to West Palm Beach and the minor league Brevard County Manatees played its final season there in 2016, uncertainty loomed over the iconic regional stadium.
Rather than go after another professional […]

Space Coast Water Sports

The Best in America (We Think)
Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Florida is predominantly water. We might be “The Sunshine State,” but whoever wrote that slogan was standing on a beach when they did.

We’re not just about the ocean though; we’ve got lakes, rivers, swamps and lagoons, too.

So what do we do with […]

View From Above

Ride, Boat, DIG

Local Entrepreneur Leads By Example
By Shawna Serig Kelsch

Family Determinism & Optimism Front and Center

Matt Kerr is a marvel: a dynamo of energy, optimism and strength – both mentally and physically.

“What I’m telling you is not anything I remember, but what I’m told happened,” Kerr began.

“I hit the ground hard. There was bone on bone, gravel […]

Mud Run for Fun!

By Steven Hicks

There has been this growing trend nationally and right here in Brevard for obstacle races. You’ll see these in television commercials for all sorts of products from cars to insurance to waterproof smartphones. It would seem like a typical 5K from the school parking lot just won’t cut it anymore for some people […]

Paradise Luxury Dog Resort

A Year Round Summer Camp for our 4-legged Family Members

Summertime means family vacations, and oftentimes that means leaving a beloved family pet behind with a pet sitter or boarding them in a kennel. Before you take off, here are a few things to consider when selecting who and where to watch your furry family members […]

Spring Into Magic

Now is an excellent time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort, with special events like the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and the 2016 Garden Rocks Concert Series at Epcot. At the same time, you can experience the many new offerings at the significantly expanded and enhanced Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown […]