One Last Question | A1A Outdoors

Summer and fall months provide an unparalleled bayside experience in the evening. When the sun goes down, the bioluminescence comes out! Paddle around in water that literally glows in the dark, from A1A’s exclusive waterfront park access at Banana River Park in Cape Canaveral.
SpaceCoast Living talked to Dave Lane at A1A Outdoors, a family-operated business […]

Fall Home Trends | Home Decoration Tips for the Season

By: Mallorie Ingram
With summer over and cooler months on the horizon, it’s that time of the year again to welcome the sweet aroma of fall. Although cozy fires, fleece blankets, hot cider and the like are classic seasonal delights, typically they don’t complement our local, warm climate. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to welcome the […]

The Molly Rogers Brevard’s Womens Roller Derby Team

Let Your Inner Rollergirl Out!
By Tina Lange (aka “Stevie Kixx”)
There aren’t many sports that openly embrace women of any age, size or fitness level. Roller Derby – around since the 1930’s – is one of the few. And oddly enough, roller derby is perhaps one of the most physical sports in play today.
For those of you […]

upFront | The Best Thing About September

By Ryan Randall
For many, September is a cherished time, not because of the change in the weather or leaves (especially if you live in Florida). No, the month is looked forward to by so many because it marks the start of the college football season and the things that come with it.
Things such as tailgating.
For […]

USSSA Comes to Brevard

By: Ryan Randall 
Brevard County’s Space Coast Stadium had been hosting professional baseball games since 1994, but when the Washington Nationals announced the team was moving to West Palm Beach and the minor league Brevard County Manatees played its final season there in 2016, uncertainty loomed over the iconic regional stadium.
Rather than go after another professional […]

Space Coast Water Sports

The Best in America (We Think)
Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Florida is predominantly water. We might be “The Sunshine State,” but whoever wrote that slogan was standing on a beach when they did.

We’re not just about the ocean though; we’ve got lakes, rivers, swamps and lagoons, too.

So what do we do with […]

View From Above

Mud Run for Fun!

By Steven Hicks

There has been this growing trend nationally and right here in Brevard for obstacle races. You’ll see these in television commercials for all sorts of products from cars to insurance to waterproof smartphones. It would seem like a typical 5K from the school parking lot just won’t cut it anymore for some people […]

Splashing Around

14 Water Safety Tips For Adults and Children

The summer months bring with them extra warm weather and water on the Space Coast, with adults and children alike hopping into pools and oceans, swimming and playing for hours on end. While swimming safety should be a priority year-round in our neck of the beach, during this […]

Mom, Surfer, Coach: Jennifer Rowelette-Reneau

By Sue DeWerff

Jennifer Rowelette-Reneau has never been afraid of challenges. She has lived her life with the attitude obstacles can be overcome — and relishes opportunity.
Her petite frame, (she is all of 4’11 and ¾ inches) did not stop her from playing basketball in her high school days. She even won a scholarship to play […]

Day In the Life: Kenny Berger

Growing up in Indian Harbour Beach, Kenny Berger is a life-long resident of Brevard County. He excelled in baseball at Satellite High School before earning a scholarship to Valencia Community College in 1973.

Taking Shape

Coming home with errant gobs of resin on her arms and legs and sometimes in her hair, along with sanding dust all over her face is something surfboard shaper Jessica Stern says she dislikes about her job.

Tim Wakefield Charity Golf Fundraiser raises $100K

By Jaimie M. Engle

Space Coast Early Intervention, the place where
kids learn and grow together
Friday, January 24, 2015—Tim Wakefield, 17 year veteran ball player for the Boston Red Sox, plays the gracious host for celebrity friends and colleagues at the Space Coast Early Intervention Center in Melbourne, Florida. The charity golf fundraiser, now in its 23rd […]

Sights Set on an Olympic Future

From the time he took his first steps on the ice at just eight months old, Viera’s Tommy-Jo Nyman was destined to be a figure skater. Both his parents are former professional skaters and currently work as instructors in the industry.

The Old Man and The Tree

“President Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,’ and that’s kind of my philosophy,” John said. “This helps the community, it gets rid of these obnoxious invasive trees, and I meet an awful lot of nice people through it. I’ll do this until I no longer physically can.”

A Sport for Life

When Milos Vasovic was just a young boy growing up in Serbia, he came face to face with his future one day in the city square. “I saw this big tennis banner when I was walking with my mom,” he recalls. “And I said ‘I want to try that. I want to play tennis.’”

Heart of the Dragon

During the last several decades, the benefits of Chinese medicine and other Eastern philosophies have become widely accepted in Western societies.

Celebrate Team Spirit

Every September, when football season rolls around, fans across the nation eagerly anticipate kickoff and hope for a victorious season for their favorite team. Whether your passion is high school football, college game day, the NFL, or just showing team spirit in general, showing support for your team can be done in many unique ways. […]

Brevard’s Love Affair with Football

by Suzanne Fox Sevel

Football has ingrained itself into American culture from youth leagues to the pros, and here on the Space Coast, loyal fans wear their hearts on their sleeves (and in some cases have their teams tattooed as sleeves.) Over the next few months, quarterback quarrels will commence, offensive and defensive plays will be […]

Brevard’s Derby Girls Rule the Rink

By: Cindi Courbat
In the rough and tumble world of women’s roller derby, you might not expect to find school teachers, engineers, medical professionals, mothers and daughters — even a few grandmothers — but, then again, you probably haven’t met Brevard’s all-female roller derby team.

The Molly Roger Rollergirls team is made up of about 50 active […]