If not pharmaceuticals, then what?

By Judy Piersall

I get asked frequently, “Since you don’t use pharmaceuticals, what do you use?” I write a lot about options, so this article will focus on some of those. I’m not going to disclose how much I use of each product; most likely, my doses wouldn’t be the same as yours. Likewise, you may […]

Health Living | A New Twist on Your Workout Regimen

By Judy Piersall

Recently, I saw an ad in a magazine for a “new” fitness workout: 20 minutes of high intensity, low impact trampoline training. I had to laugh to myself because I’ve been jumping on a trampoline for years, so it wasn’t new to me at all.

Granted, I don’t do any fancy workouts on my […]

Mommy Makeover: Made Just For You

by Sara Paulson

For Health First’s Dr. George Collis, the Increasingly Popular Procedure is Crafted to Suit Each Patient.

Plastic surgery used to be one of those topics you did not discuss. 

Not anymore. 

In 2017 alone, nearly 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed nationwide, according to statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Among the […]

5 Skin Care Tips


Spring is over and the heat of the summer months are here. With so much going on during this time of the year, it’s totally understandable that a few things slip your mind. Below, we share five skin care tips (along with product recommendations, such as our best moisturizers for every skin type), […]

Dr. Derek Chenet, DDS | Dental Excellence Melbourne

“The best part of my job is working with my hands and using new technologies every day”  – Dr. Derek Chenet

Dentistry runs in the Chenet family. Dr. Derek Chenet was born at the Misawa Air Base in Japan while his father, Dr. Cedric Chenet, served overseas as a dentist in the United States Air Force. 

He […]

Dr. Hai H. Kenney, Diagnostic Radiology Specialist | Vascular Vein Centers

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Hai H. Kenney has established himself as an accomplished, experienced and skilled professional within his field. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Delaware, he received a Master of Science degree in Molecular Virology at The Ohio State University and a Doctor of Osteopathic […]

Florida Retina Specialists | SpaceCoast LIVING Health

Restoring Vision Locally and Globally

William Osler said, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” Dr. Frank Venzara III and Dr. David Neely of Florida Retina Specialists embody, epitomize and exemplify this philosophy. From Brevard County to developing countries across the globe, these ophthalmology and retinal surgeons […]

Dental Excellence Melbourne: Cedric C Chenet, DDS PA

by Alisha Crabtree
Behind Every Successful Practice is a Family

When visiting Dental Excellence Melbourne, you are not entering the typical dental practice, but rather a friend’s house who happens to be a dental expert. Even the office décor has a welcoming, friendly and homey feel to it with family photographs, personal artwork, and mementos. Patients benefit […]

6 Workout Tips That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

by Gabby Dance

Exercise should be a priority in everyone’s life. But, it can be challenging to fit a workout into an already-packed schedule. There is work, school, children, partners, housework, meal prep, friends, parents, laundry, meetings, parties, and more. It is ex-hausting just thinking about it. Nevertheless, if you are determined, you can do it!

Whether […]

Dr. Veronica Yu, DDS | Dental Excellence Melbourne

“By far, my favorite part of this job is getting to know my patients and helping each one of them feel healthier and happier about their teeth,”  – D. Veronica Yu

From a young age, Dr. Veronica Yu saw the compassion, love and respect her father, a gastroenterologist, possessed for his patients. Inspired by his actions, […]

Hurricane Season Medical Reminders

Get a 30-day supply of necessary medications 

If you take prescription medications, purchased from your local pharmacy, try having a 30-day supply on hand. But this is not as easy as it sounds — many insurance companies will not authorize the filling of additional medication unless ordered by the state in emergency situations, such as natural […]

Corrie Borde, Borde & Associates P.A. | President, Insurance Agent and Benefits Counselor

“We are not your typical agency; we are your teammate.” – Corrie Borde

With extensive credentials and experience, Corrie Borde has established himself as an accomplished, knowledgeable and skilled insurance professional. After being ranked the top 1 percent nationwide for Medicare Supplement sales, Borde opened the insurance agency. Borde & Associates P.A. is a value proposition for […]

Nemours BrightStart: Reading is Essential For Your Child’s Health

Dr. Seuss once said, “The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Parents, teachers, and doctors often emphasize the importance of reading to a child’s well-being, education and health. But why does it matter? Numerous reasons indicate reading is beneficial to your health beyond […]

The Building Blocks of Exceptional Dentistry

What type of dental practice is created when the customer’s experience is of the utmost importance, only the highest quality dental materials are utilized, and the doctor’s advanced education allows her to employ the latest techniques? 

You have Dr. Beverly Rose’s of Exceptional Dentistry in Melbourne, Fl.  

Over fifteen years ago, Rose asked herself, how would […]

Judy Schrader, LMHC | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“It is very gratifying to help people through the most difficult times of their lives.” – Judy Schrader 

Judy Schrader is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 18 years of experience. She has dedicated her career to helping people overcome life’s challenges. Her approach to therapy centers on respect and guides individuals, couples, and families […]

Know Your Numbers

By Judy Piersall

I was in my 20s the first time my cholesterol was checked. With a result of 202, I was given a bag full of information on statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) and was charged to make a decision ASAP on which one I wanted to use. Because my parents took them, I was well […]

How to Have A Perfect Complexion on Your Wedding Day

By Cathy A. Presnick, LME

12 Weeks Prior

Schedule a consultation with a medical esthetician. Begin prepping with a customized home care regimen. As an example, we suggest products including ingredients with vitamin c for nutrients, hyaluronic acid for plumping, glycolic or retinol for gently removing surface dead skin cells. Your skin care specialist will customize a […]

Dancing the Stress Away

by Judy Piersall

I love to dance. I was a member of dance teams in both high school and college. We always had music playing at home and my children and I danced constantly. So, in 2011, when I was approached about participating in what was then Dancing With Brevard (now Dancing for the Space Coast) […]

In Sickness & In Health

by Corrie Borde

Congratulations on this special occasion. Your marriage is considered a “life changing event” and creates a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) as it relates to individual, family and group health insurance benefits.

It also creates a time in which you can start planning for your family’s future.

Your Health Insurance:

Some common “life changing events” include loss […]

Paleo | A Lifestyle Change

By Judy Piersall

Being mindful of diet and exercise is something many of us take seriously. It takes discipline over time; it’s a lifestyle. 

Menopause was a game changer, forcing me to pay attention to how I eat. As I’ve said before, my first foray into integrative medicine help was with 17 vials of blood being drawn. […]