The Gourd’s Work

By Carrie Stevenson

Each year at the Church at Viera (CAV) pumpkin patch, there is more than the wind of a changing season in the air. Excitement is palpable and optimism abounds, and it’s generated by the teenagers and families who work days and nights at the patch to raise funds for the student ministry department, […]

The Key to House-Hunting Happiness | Be Sure Your Location Fits Your Style

By Carrie Stevenson

When homebuyers begin the process of searching for their new property, there is a lot to consider. Some experts say it’s all about location, location, location. Most buyers go into it with the budget, neighborhood and schools in mind. But for Florida Lifestyle Realty broker Jackie Griffin, there is a more holistic way […]

From Boston with Love | The Gammons Keep it in the Family

By Steven Hicks

At SpaceCoast LIVING, we love a good story about families. Now with SpaceCoast Business under the same roof (bad pun, we know…), we love it even more when we hear a great family business story. So, meet the Gammons of Space Coast Roofing: Donald; Liz; their oldest son, also Donald; his younger brothers […]

Hippo Roofing

Rain or shine, our family has your family covered.

Your roof is probably the most important part of your home; it can be an investment that pays for itself over and over again as time passes. A permanent, energy efficient, roofing solution backed by a real lifetime guarantee frequently increases the market value and desirability of […]

Endless Options | Considerable Experience | J&J Flooring

By S. Roy Grosperrin

Let’s face it, we have a lot of choices on the Space Coast, even when it comes to choosing a flooring company. How then does a company distinguish itself? Jeff Kidd, owner of J&J Carpet One Floor and Home on Merritt Island, would quickly mention that his company has been built strictly […]

Be Our Guest | Realtors Supporting Local Business

With Laura Fadok

Back in 2013, Laura Fadok was selling real estate. While working with a couple on the purchase of a new home, they asked her lots of questions about where to go; from restaurants to hair salons and everything in between. Fadok says this is a typical conversation among Realtors and their buyers. In […]

A Class of Its Own | Two Decades in the Making

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then a single room in a Christopher Burton luxury home will leave you speechless. With just the right combination of attention to detail and eye to build something better, excellence meets perfection. And Christopher Burton understands the nuts and bolts of how to make that […]

Your New Home | Build or Buy?

with Meili Viera of Waterman Real Estate

In a previous issue, we talked about Waterman Real Estate, the company, owner Andrew Waterman, Meili Viera and their vision. This time we had Viera one-on-one for about an hour, longer than she is likely ever in one place and sitting still. When you talk to her, you can’t […]

Metal is Hot | Roofing Trends in Brevard

Kristy Smith, vice president of G&G Roofing in Rockledge, took a few minutes from a very busy schedule to talk about metal roofing. “Metal is the big thing right now. We’re seeing more and more homeowners lean toward a metal roof over shingles lately.” 

You aren’t limited to the typical flat metal roof anymore; G&G can […]

Bright Meets Beautiful | Lighting Industry Innovations

by Carrie Stevenson

The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne has been illuminating dwellings and inspiring the minds of Brevard residents for 55 years. Company President Craig Bronson says the brightest ideas are on the horizon. “The lighting industry really mimics the fashion industry,” he explains, “and these days it incorporates technological and material […]

Great Southeast Flooring America | Pet Friendly Flooring

What would life be without pets? In many cases, a dog or cat is like a member of the family. They have a marked effect on our happiness levels. Consequently, we want to make them happy in return. 

Having the right kind of floor can make both you and your pets happier. 

When we consider pets and […]

Designing Women | The Innovators of Interior Design

by Meaghan Branham

We all have style icons; from Coco Chanel to Bianca Jagger, nearly everyone can find themselves admiring signature looks from decades or even centuries before. These kindred spirits serve as sources of strength on days when we’re feeling in need of a little guidance. Luckily, using the trailblazers of the past to shape […]

Are You Prepared? | BSS Exterior Hurricane Shutters

Storm season is quickly approaching and it’s time to prepare your home the right way. At BSS Exteriors, we have the right tools to get yourself prepared for hurricane season, from storm shutters and impact windows, to the knowledge and experience needed to help you make the right decision.  

Why do this?
In 2016 and 2017, […]

Prepare Yourself | Great Southeast Flooring America in Melbourne

Many people around the United States envy Floridians, and with good reason. Florida is a beautiful place with a climate that attracts multitudes of visitors during winter months. No matter where you are in this state, the ocean is never far away.

But as most of us here know, there’s also a downside: hurricanes and tropical […]

Indian River Furniture | Business Spotlight

Company Name | Indian River Furniture

Owner | Forrest Lilly

FOUNDED | 1939 

LOCATION | Rockledge 


Indian River Furniture owners Forrest and Bridget Lilly continue a legacy of store ownership that has spanned three generations, beginning with Forrest’s grandfather who started in Cocoa Village. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, the company continues to provide their services and expertise to Brevard, […]

Bringing the Outside In | Lifestyle

by Meaghan Branham

As May begins, I think it’s safe to say that we are finally out of the woods when it comes to those early spring bursts of cold weather, and officially in the season of barbecues, bonfires and beach trips. While we all may be preparing ourselves for the heatwaves just around the corner, […]

Around the World

by Meaghan Branham 

Earlier this year, I packed my bags and finally put my passport to use on my first-ever international trip: My first stop was Venice, followed by Paris, for a total of 10 days. After months of flipping through guidebooks along with nearly obsessive viewings of “An American in Paris” and “Under the Tuscan […]

Top 5 Ways to Welcome Spring to Your Home

By Mallorie Ann Ingram
Spring is here and so is your ever-growing to-do list of outdoor projects. From a garden refresh to the looming garage revamp still lingering from last spring’s list, to a quick spritz of stucco cleaning, it’s safe to say this outdoor project list adds quite a bit to your Saturday cleaning ritual.  […]

Big Screen Inspiration For Your Home

by Meaghan Branham
As awards season winds down with the Academy Awards, so does my annual mad rush to watch as many of the year’s critically-acclaimed movies as humanly possible. It’s a process I’ve gone through every year since I was about 12 (and not actually allowed to watch most of the nominees); an attempt to […]

Favored Floors: What’s Hot and What Homeowners Want | Great Southeast Flooring America

The right floor choice can really tie your room décor together, open up an otherwise small space or create a sense of coziness in large room. It can provide a feeling of luxury or comfort. But what’s the right choice?
Nelson Green is a longtime businessman in Brevard County whose family has been providing flooring options […]