Paleo | A Lifestyle Change

By Judy Piersall

Being mindful of diet and exercise is something many of us take seriously. It takes discipline over time; it’s a lifestyle. 

Menopause was a game changer, forcing me to pay attention to how I eat. As I’ve said before, my first foray into integrative medicine help was with 17 vials of blood being drawn. […]

Being Happy in Your Own Body | Allison Kimmey’s Point of View

By Allison Kimmey

Once upon a time there was a girl that didn’t quite fit in, no matter how hard she tried to be like everyone else. She worshiped gossip magazines, did all the celebrity diets, cut out pictures of thin models she wanted to look like and lived on anything that said “fat free” and […]

BMI – Is It Relevant? | Healthy Living

By Judy Piersall 

Many of us either work for, or have spouses that work for, companies who offer preventive health “reward dollars” for hitting certain numbers every year as a part of annual physicals. BMI, cholesterol, A1c or glucose, and blood pressure checks are common in biometric screenings and must be recorded and signed by a […]

Pain-Free Hair Removal | Too Good To Be True?

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Let’s talk about laser hair removal. Ouch right? Not if you’re visiting Jeanne Whitman’s Achieve Beautiful Skin Medi-Spa in Viera. 

“We are the only ones in Brevard County with this type of treatment,” Whitman says. “It’s called Emvera DioLux Laser Hair Removal System, which means pain-free hair removal.” Think of it like an ice […]

Safe Hospitals Save Lives

Eliminating Preventable Medical Errors May Save Your Loved Ones – Parrish Medical Center
A Boeing-747 crashes in the U.S.; all 550 passengers and crew members perish. The news media breaks into regular programming to announce the fatal accident. Alerts beep on cell phones and online headlines are updated with breaking reports. Now imagine, the same thing […]

A Better Version of Ourselves

By Denise Piercy

Let’s face it; we all want to be a better version of ourselves. We make ourselves promises to do better tomorrow. 

“Tomorrow, I’m going to eat better.” 

“Tomorrow I’m going to exercise.” 

“Tomorrow, I’m going to be nicer to people and more patient.”  

Haven’t we all thought these things? I know I do. I think it […]

The Secret to Your Best Self

There is one mantra that Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo truly believe and live by at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, which is “for your best self.” The synergy of their fields has blended seamlessly in their practice focusing on head to toe anti-aging and skin cancer detection and treatment.  As the number one skin injector […]

3 Easy Tips to Eliminate Mental Health Drain

By Jessica Kane

Staying active, eating right and taking care of your physical health is crucial to having a good quality of life. Don’t forget about your mental health. It’s just as important staying healthy on the inside too. One of today’s hot topics is taking a holistic approach to coping and feeling better. We spend […]


By Ryan Randall

Throughout the year, it’s important to stay hydrated in the Florida heat, but it’s even more pertinent to do so in the summer months, when it’s the hottest time of the year. Dehydration can result in symptoms as simple as overheating to those more dangerous, like kidney stones. With temperatures averaging 92 degrees […]

Stroke Patient | Shining Example of Importance of Seeking Help Immediately

Quick thinking, cutting-edge care at Health First Spares Theater Owner

Jessica Kurrus was sitting at her mom’s computer when she heard a horrifying, unrecognizable sound.  “It wasn’t like anything I’d ever heard before,” the 23-year-old flight attendant recalled of the morning of September 28, 2017. “It was a low rumbling. It almost sounded not human.” Kurrus […]

Prestigious Compassionate Doctor Award Presented to Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

For the third consecutive year, Dr. Clevens is among the few doctors nationwide to receive the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Award presented annually by Vitals. Winners are selected based on reviews from actual patients and other quality metrics.

“This great honor is particularly special to me because it’s based on the experience our own patients have at […]

Marriage Counseling | How To Make The Most Of It

By  Judy Schrader, LMHC

I recently saw a couple, who I’ll call Bob and Jane, came for marriage counseling. They were already planning their separation. Bob was unsure he wanted to stay married, he was having an affair that he was reluctant to end. Jane however, although very hurt, wanted to salvage the marriage and had convinced […]

Prescription Alternatives

When my husband and I were raising our three children, we didn’t allow them to watch TV during the week. So, to avoid the “Do as I say, not as I do” conundrum, we stopped watching too. It became a habit that stuck, except for sports, of course (ROLL TIDE!). That’s when I see commercials. […]

The Better a Product Smells

By Judy Piersall 
I came of age in the days when sunbathing was the norm. We would go to the roof of our three-story sorority house, getting as close to the sun as we could, and lay on silver reflective blankets. If we didn’t have baby oil, Crisco would do. Could we have been more stupid? […]

Healthcare Professional Spotlight

Dr Hai H. Kenney
With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Hai H. Kenney has established himself as an experienced professional in his field. After receiving his B.A. in Biology from the University of Delaware, he received his D.O. at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then went on to complete his diagnostic radiology […]

Sleep is Good For the Heart

By Parrish Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center Manager and Brevard A.W.A.K.E. Coordinator Kristina Weaver, RPSGT
Unlike what many people think, sleep apnea is not just a sleep problem. Sleep apnea is failure to breathe properly during sleep. This means vital organs don’t get the oxygen they need. It is a serious problem, especially for the heart. […]

Options in Sight

Brevard Eye 
Throughout our lives, our world and experiences are captured through vision. As time goes on, however, the lens in which we see the world may become impaired. At Brevard Eye Center, there is a dedicated and experienced staff ready to repair vision problems afflicting patients, as well as maintain proper eye health.
By utilizing various […]

SANZ Products

Rehydrate, Reinvigorate and Refresh the Skin You are In.
By Steven Hicks
We have seen interest in the advertisements from SANZ in SpaceCoast Living over the past few months, and thought we would introduce them to our readers. According to President Lisa Nicarry, “SANZ specializes in simplicity.” Nicarry added, “We know that life gets messy, and we […]

Stem Cell Research and Treatment

Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic 
By Steven Hicks 
This is an interesting circumstance. We’ll often interview a doctor for SpaceCoast Living HEALTH and then work to keep the content relative and quick to read. I originally had thought that my interview with Dr. Jasen Kobobel would be to discuss his clinic, but as I found out, and […]

Health News

Pamela Tronetti, DO, AGSF, elected to serve as Parrish Medical staff president.
First woman and doctor of Osteopathic Medicine to be elected medical
staff president.
Members of the Parrish Medical Center medical staff have elected Pamela Tronetti, DO, AGSF, as president of the hospital’s medical staff, making her the first woman and first doctor of osteopathic medicine to […]