All Things Pumpkin

By Rebecca Meyer

The day arrived and the weather was perfect at the park. After all, it was October, which meant rolling in the leaves, pumpkin picking time and of course, time to make favorite desserts with both pumpkin and chocolate. Nestled high on top of the mountain was our favorite park, which was the best […]

Reservations | River Rocks

‘Tis the Season… to PLAN! 


Crovo says, “We’re also doing a lot of events with pharmaceutical companies here and that is something we plan to continue to work with — to […]

Reservations | Capt’n Butcher’s

By Steven Hicks

We’re told life isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. But if you’ll choose to take it down a notch, get off of Interstate 95 and cruise U.S. 1 to Sebastian, you’ll see real Florida along the way — the boats, waterfront, homes and nature we all love about living in […]

Grandma Lena’s Josephinas

By Rebecca Meyer

When the name Josephina was mentioned at my grandma’s house, everyone got excited and hurried to the table to sit down for dinner at 6 p.m. We thought that a blonde lady with bright red lipstick from Milan would be walking in soon, with her red stiletto pumps, black Audrey Hepburn style dress, […]

Reservations | Pineda Crossing Bar & Grill

Comfort Food at a Comfortable Place 

Two years ago, if we were to write about Pineda Crossing, we’d be writing about a place most know or at least know of — a local standout of 20-plus years, known for their crab cakes and steaks. But as Brevard has exploded over the past few years, more and […]

It’s Lunch Time!

By Rebecca Meyer

The month of August is here and reminds me of the days when my daughter was young and anticipating going back to school. Her favorite time was school shopping, which was an exciting and well-planned event. It always included going out to lunch at any restaurant she chose. My only requirement for her […]

Another Cup of Coffee, Please!

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Coffee. The most important meal of the day. Well, let me start over. Coffee. The most critical start to the day — that’s better. To all you coffee lovers, you’re catching my drift. For those of you that have yet to acquire a taste for this magical bean, you’re missing out. I’ve […]

For the Love of Apple Pie

by Rebecca Meyer

Apple pie is my saving grace and I will tell you why. It is what I call the ultimate comfort food — the dish that crosses all cultural boundaries. My Italian mom always made a delicious apple pie and it was to die for. Fortunately for me, she gave me the recipe and […]

Sergio’s Tacos | Reservations

By Steven Hicks

 There is an old joke, maybe an adage, about avoiding gas station sushi. Maybe it was an antacid commercial. Whatever the source, you get the idea. Some things just don’t go together. But what happens when that reasonable presumption is shattered? How does it happen in this wonderful world that the best tacos […]

Wine-Pairing & Beach Sunning | Cocoa Beach Uncorked

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Listen up all you winos and foodies. Did you know that Cocoa Beach holds an annual food and wine festival? I didn’t, but immediately decided to give Uncorked Cocoa Beach a try. Little did I know it would certainly become my next inspirational encounter here on the Space Coast. For years, I’ve […]

Squid Lips | Reservations

“We want to be who we are; we want Squid Lips to be that place where you can leave your problems in the parking lot and come in here and pretend you’re somewhere else—maybe the Florida Keys.”
 – Buz Underill, owner

by Steven Hicks 

When this author moved to Central Brevard, the most-repeated recommendation was that we had […]

Fresh vs Frozen | Memories, Meals & Moscato | SpaceCoast LIVING

By Rebecca Meyer

I grew up in an Italian family where my mom did most of the cooking. She was an exceptional chef who introduced me to the art of cooking from the heart. Would I consider myself someone capable of whipping up a tasty masterpiece in little to no time? You better believe it. After […]

Brevard EATZ | Food

By Ryan Randall

Along North Wickham Road, near Baytree Drive and the corporate offices of Space Coast Credit Union, stands a restaurant that is a weekly staple for many local residents. With signature salads providing healthier options for patrons and specialty sandwiches unlike any others in the area, EATz provides a unique take on the food […]

A Perfect Mix | El Leoncito Mexican and Cuban Restaurant

by Steven Hicks

Michael Sanchez’s family started their restaurant life in Southern California; one in Culver City, then Whittier, La Habra and Brea. Eventually, his father decided to sell the restaurants and move to Florida to escape to the tropical weather. His wife (Michael’s mother) is Mexican, so Florida was more the father’s climate. “We ended […]

Pizza Gallery & Grill

By Jamie Meagher

You’ve probably noticed, as have we, that there is no shortage of pizza restaurants on the Space Coast. Just on your daily commute you could most likely count several big name chains, a couple of New York style independents and maybe even a Chicago style joint. So in a sea of competition of […]

Personal Grocery Shoppers

By Deb Kemps

In today’s hurried times it is hard to find food products that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare. I know I do not have the time to comb the grocery store looking for the latest and greatest in food products. Something that has truly made a difference for my grocery shopping choices […]

Soup’s On

By Deb Kemps
The temperatures won’t exceed the 40s today, and for a Florida native, that is seriously cold weather.  My very first reaction when I had heard we were getting a cold front was, “I am making soup.” I love soup; it is comfort food for me. Does anyone else get comfort from a bowl […]

Meg O’Malley’s Carries on the Tradition of St. Patrick’s Day in Brevard

The day starts with an Irish breakfast, and as Scotty Marathas, co-owner of Meg’s, tells us, “From that point, we have Irish dancers, bagpipes, all your traditional Irish food, inside and out. Plenty of green beer and Guinness.” There is Irish entertainment throughout the day and then, in the evening, the streets are closed for […]

Reservations: Chef’s Table at Amici’s

David Dashi brings Sought After Dining Experience
Chef’s Table Adds  Flavor To Amici’s
There is a name on the Space Coast that may be right up there in the pantheon of Ruth Chris’ or Shula’s. David Dashi will always have a passion for serving Italian food. But when he developed the concept for his steakhouse, Chef’s Table, he […]

Food: Edible Aphrodisiacs

Yummy Treats for the Month of Love
By Deb Kemps
Most every culture since ancient times has used some type of edible aphrodisiacs. The range is amazing and interesting: everything from chocolate, fruits and vegetables to oysters and spices. With February being the month of “love,” and Valentine’s Day upon us, we’ll focus on yummy treats like […]