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Health Living | A New Twist on Your Workout Regimen

By Judy Piersall

Recently, I saw an ad in a magazine for a “new” fitness workout: 20 minutes of high intensity, low impact trampoline training. I had to laugh to myself because I’ve been jumping on a trampoline for years, so it wasn’t new to me at all.

Granted, I don’t do any fancy workouts on my […]

The Key to House-Hunting Happiness | Be Sure Your Location Fits Your Style

By Carrie Stevenson

When homebuyers begin the process of searching for their new property, there is a lot to consider. Some experts say it’s all about location, location, location. Most buyers go into it with the budget, neighborhood and schools in mind. But for Florida Lifestyle Realty broker Jackie Griffin, there is a more holistic way […]

From Boston with Love | The Gammons Keep it in the Family

By Steven Hicks

At SpaceCoast LIVING, we love a good story about families. Now with SpaceCoast Business under the same roof (bad pun, we know…), we love it even more when we hear a great family business story. So, meet the Gammons of Space Coast Roofing: Donald; Liz; their oldest son, also Donald; his younger brothers […]

Reservations | Capt’n Butcher’s

By Steven Hicks

We’re told life isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. But if you’ll choose to take it down a notch, get off of Interstate 95 and cruise U.S. 1 to Sebastian, you’ll see real Florida along the way — the boats, waterfront, homes and nature we all love about living in […]

Cooper’s Corner

We realize that you, as the reader, need to be on the up-and-up when it comes to caring for your animals on the Space Coast. With his debut last month and friendly tips this month, Cooper’s Corner will now house insightful information for your furry friend. 

With the peak of hurricane season upon us, everyone […]

Hippo Roofing

Rain or shine, our family has your family covered.

Your roof is probably the most important part of your home; it can be an investment that pays for itself over and over again as time passes. A permanent, energy efficient, roofing solution backed by a real lifetime guarantee frequently increases the market value and desirability of […]

Endless Options | Considerable Experience | J&J Flooring

By S. Roy Grosperrin

Let’s face it, we have a lot of choices on the Space Coast, even when it comes to choosing a flooring company. How then does a company distinguish itself? Jeff Kidd, owner of J&J Carpet One Floor and Home on Merritt Island, would quickly mention that his company has been built strictly […]

Be Our Guest | Realtors Supporting Local Business

With Laura Fadok

Back in 2013, Laura Fadok was selling real estate. While working with a couple on the purchase of a new home, they asked her lots of questions about where to go; from restaurants to hair salons and everything in between. Fadok says this is a typical conversation among Realtors and their buyers. In […]

Port Canaveral’s Newest Hot Spot

Tired of the same old song and dance that occupies your weekend time? Interested in sprucing up your social calendar with something different? There’s a new place in town that is taking the Space Coast community and social scene to the next level. Port Canaveral’s latest addition, Canaveral Cruises 1, has everything covered to make […]

A House Divided

Power Perspective
Of course the Florida Gators are a huge rivalry to USSSA Pride’s Alex Powers’ alma mater, FSU, but she’s learned to put some of those feelings aside. In fact, some of the girls on the team she currently plays with are Gators. 

“We always joke around and pick on each other,” Powers says. “This summer […]

A Class of Its Own | Two Decades in the Making

By Mallorie Ann Ingram

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then a single room in a Christopher Burton luxury home will leave you speechless. With just the right combination of attention to detail and eye to build something better, excellence meets perfection. And Christopher Burton understands the nuts and bolts of how to make that […]

Your New Home | Build or Buy?

with Meili Viera of Waterman Real Estate

In a previous issue, we talked about Waterman Real Estate, the company, owner Andrew Waterman, Meili Viera and their vision. This time we had Viera one-on-one for about an hour, longer than she is likely ever in one place and sitting still. When you talk to her, you can’t […]

Metal is Hot | Roofing Trends in Brevard

Kristy Smith, vice president of G&G Roofing in Rockledge, took a few minutes from a very busy schedule to talk about metal roofing. “Metal is the big thing right now. We’re seeing more and more homeowners lean toward a metal roof over shingles lately.” 

You aren’t limited to the typical flat metal roof anymore; G&G can […]

Grandma Lena’s Josephinas

By Rebecca Meyer

When the name Josephina was mentioned at my grandma’s house, everyone got excited and hurried to the table to sit down for dinner at 6 p.m. We thought that a blonde lady with bright red lipstick from Milan would be walking in soon, with her red stiletto pumps, black Audrey Hepburn style dress, […]

One Last Question with the King Center for the Performing Arts

Summer is behind us, the kids are back in school, and football fans on the Space Coast are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. SpaceCoast LIVING sat down with the marketing director at the King Center for the Performing Arts, Autumn Shrum, to discuss the fun entertainment going on outside of the sports arena. She tells […]

Back to the Bayard House

By Steven Hicks

My wife, Dina, and I moved to Florida from Delaware about eight years ago. We were married 10 years ago at a little inn at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. The Bayard House in Chesapeake City, Maryland, was built by Samuel Bayard around 1780. It served under many names and for other […]

Downtown Divas | Setting the Stage for the Arts

with Loretta Grella

A quick trip to scenic downtown Melbourne is nothing short of a pleasant experience, especially when it comes to high-end shopping without the cumbersome commute. Proud owner of Downtown Divas, Loretta Grella, has made it a point over the past decade to provide exceptional customer service to her shoppers with their favorite brands. 

“I […]

September 2018

September 2018
Healthy Living | A New Twist on Your Workout Regimen

Travel | Back to the Bayard House

Memories, Meals, & Moscato | Grandma Jean’s Josephinas

Entrepreneur | Be Our Guest

Inspiration | Up Close with Steve Spurrier

A House Divided | Football in Florida

Downtown Divas | Setting the Stage for the Arts

Reservations | Capt’n Butcher’s

Port Canaveral’s Newest Hot Spot

SpaceCoast […]

Up Close with Steve Spurrier

by Mallorie Ann Ingram

First off, my Inspiration section of exploring the Space Coast is back. Last month, I was slightly distracted by a true inspirational muse, my chocolate lab, in our pet issue. But this month, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and seek inspirational finds on the sunny coast. 

By now, […]

Bright Meets Beautiful | Lighting Industry Innovations

by Carrie Stevenson

The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne has been illuminating dwellings and inspiring the minds of Brevard residents for 55 years. Company President Craig Bronson says the brightest ideas are on the horizon. “The lighting industry really mimics the fashion industry,” he explains, “and these days it incorporates technological and material […]